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5gratitudes's Journal

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Share 5 things which made you happy today
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The premise of this community is simple. You name 5 good things that happened to you today. This idea occured to me when my girlfriend spoke of an exercise she was doing which actually helped to better shape her look on life. She mentioned that after doing this daily for a month, her outlook became much more optimistic. Let's find out if this actually works!

Day in and day out, I invite you to post things that you're grateful that happened to you.

Examples of good things:

* I enjoyed my favorite drink today

* I had a sunfilled walk outside

* I smiled at that stranger on the bus I see everyday

* I helped people in giving them useful information

* I asked someone how they were doing

* I finished reading my book

After a given time, please share with us how this exercise has affected you.

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